St. Luke's Parish library


We are proud of the wide selection of good spiritual reading available for you. Every three or four months new books are added, keeping our various categories constantly up-to-date. There are books for children and for youth as well as many interesting adult selections.

The library has now been catalogued and there is a complete list of the 1400 books and resources available. Three lists are being provided for ease of searching for the book you are looking for – just click the report of interest to you.

1. Sorted by the 24 different Categories (Bible Study, Biography, Catechism, Christology, Spirituality, Theology, Testimony, etc.)


2.  Sorted by Title


3.  Sorted by Author

Listing-by-Author-May- 2017

4.  New since Nov 2016

Books Added Since Nov-2016

A hardcopy list will be kept in a binder in the library as well for your use.

Signing out a book:

Please remember when you sign out a book to take the library card out of the book (usually located on the inside of the back cover), print the date, your name and phone number on the card (use 2 lines) and place the card in the box in the corner of the library. When you return the book, place it in this same box. We ask that you return the book within 4 weeks so that others may sign it out.

Library hours:

Monday – Friday          –       7:30 am – 9:00 pm


The book return box is located outside the library door on Saturday and Sunday so that books can be returned on weekends.

Please feel free to enjoy this resource for your spiritual growth.


If you have any questions or suggestions please call Cassie Gau at 403-547-1910.